Event Entertainment Ideas for Planners

Event Entertainment Ideas

As an event planner, experience does not mean you have all the event entertainment ideas. That’s because event entertainment is always evolving with the times. Naturally we all want our events to be memorable while creating a great experience for the participants. To arouse the interest of the participants, you need to keep interacting with them. One of the best ways to do this is entertainment.


Creative Event Entertainment Ideas

Unique performers, fun activities, and memorable experiences should capture attendees’ attention while creating a buzz around your special event. So be sure to come up with creative event entertainment ideas that fit your event theme as well as your brand. Don’t forget about the invitations because when you invite your guests in a way that captures their attention, they will be your social media marketers!

It’s time to think Inside-The-Box!

event entertainment ideas
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It’s time to be creative, different and personalize your special event invitations.

Be Different!

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Event Entertainment Ideas – Creativity is King

Laughter can create positive memories for your event. A good comedian can also act as the host of other elements of the event. Make sure to hire a comedian whose theme suits your tone and crowd. Otherwise, due to all the wrong reasons, you may be remembered.

Stunt Performers
Leave a lasting impression on your audience with fire eaters and sword swallowers to stunt bikes or ball tricks, and stunt performers!

Strolling Celebrity Impersonator and Lookalikes
These characters will mingle with your guests, take pictures and help make your event a blast. President Trump, Barack Obama, Rober De Niro and John Lennon to name a few.

Interactive Audience Games
Keep your audience engaged and engaged by integrating audience games into your regular content. Spectator games can include the use of live props: for example, beach balls or the famous inflatable whale, which will get people filming your event when thrown by the crowd. It may also include trivia questions that attendees can answer through your conference app.

Digital Cartoon Art
Forget pen and paper; this is the comic art of the new media age! Digital cartoonists are among the most popular options for corporate events, which require entertainment performances that incorporate technology. Visitors can tweet or post their own artwork (which may include company logos, brands, or products!). Artists can also send comics to participants via email or post them on the company’s social media sites in real-time!

Coffee Art
Coffee art gives the term “instant art” a whole new meaning! Your participants will do their best to share these small, drinkable personal artworks via social media. The artist uses a portable coffee machine to capture event participants’ faces in his cup of delicious coffee.

Corporate Percussion
For corporate clients, artists will use ladders, machinery, and other products to perform. These performances also add to the wow factor because they are fast-paced, upbeat performances.

Group Dance Lesson
If your activity includes music and dance, a group dance class may be a great way to reflect your activity’s theme and allow attendees to stand out and have fun. For example, in a recent Cuba-themed event in South Florida, the host gave a salsa lesson. The dancers did a great job interacting with the crowd. Eventually, the CEO, leadership team and major customers all joined in. The next day, this caused a lot of laughter and good conversations.

Classy Table Tennis
Table tennis is easy to make into a mini-game and allows up to 4 participants to participate at once. Create a recurring tour tournament with the team for company retreats, or play “head to five” matches to keep it short and sweet!

Responsive Flooring
Whether it is used on the dance floor, event entrance or the main hall floor, responsive and interactive flooring is an exciting event concept. It is very popular and does not require permanent fixtures or adjustments to make the venue more attractive. Usually, you can use projectors and tracking cameras to achieve different effects. Some displays involve moving scenes, where elements interact with the user as they walk by, for example, a koi pond where fish will swim when you approach them. You might have a game where participants must run and grab different elements to create high scores, thereby creating an interactive game on the court. It can be combined to a larger floor or upgraded to accommodate interaction with more guests.

Tablet / iPad Magicians
For technology and gadget lovers/events, the iPad Magician is the perfect choice to amaze your guests. The iPad Magician will perform customized performances for the digital age. Many high-profile brands and events are eager to experience this.

Street Performers and Entertainers
Invite street performers to create an urban atmosphere in your event. They are always popular with innovative performances. You can provide various options, including beats, tricks, break dancers or homemade instruments.

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Station
The liquid nitrogen ice cream operation station is a fresh and exciting choice for more traditional dessert stations. Participants choose their own flavors and toppings to create custom flavors. The waiter then uses liquid nitrogen to quickly freeze the ingredients and form ice cream in front of their eyes. This type of dessert station is especially suitable for those who like science!

Aroma DJ
They say that smelling triggers memories, right? Well, why not make sure that your guests remember your event with an aroma DJ! Using the “Aroma Lab”, these new and exciting DJs mix oil, fragrance, and natural pheromones together, controlling the dance floor’s atmosphere by mixing seamless aromas!

Retro Video Games
Nostalgia can enhance the event’s fun and adding retro video games can bring participants back to their youth. This great idea adds a huge element to any event. Installing the traditional Super Mario game on a large controller, for example, allows others to play together!

Video Mapping Dance Crews
Facts have proved that these activities are a huge success for company events. With the fusion of humans and computers, new technologies enable performers to take dance/visual performance to a new level. These actions can include specific music and graphics, as well as logos and company messages.

Interactive Wait Staff
Suppose there are many people, but space causes them to be separated. In that case, you can engage everyone by arranging interactive waiters. It may be in the form of singing or dancing staff, imitators, roller skates or wearable tables, all of which provide food and drinks when interacting with guests. Such an idea enables conversation starters, as well as memorable experiences.

Aerial Performers
When your floor space or room is small, one sure way to attract the audience is to let the artists and entertainers sit back and relax. Overall, it makes the venue more interactive. Aerial performers also add an exciting element because they are high above the audience, making them feel a part of the act itself.

Hire celebrities or influential people to participate in your events, speak or interact at meetings to attract attention. Or you can ask them to conduct remote Q & A sessions on your social media channels as part of their entertainment activities. Don’t have a budget? Try a look-a-like to pose with customers on the event floor or entrance; no doubt, this will enable people to talk on social media, especially the best social media!

Sand Sculpture Artists
These talented artists will perform customized sand animations for various company events. These programs have a clear wow factor, ensuring that your activities are remembered!