Gigeo® Premium Video Invitations

Captivate your guest list with Gigeo® video invitations.

Think INSIDE the Box
…the Gigeo® Invitation Box.

Creative video invitations for a birthday party.
Event Planning

Your invitation is your event’s first impression and one of its most crucial
responsibilities are to create a Buzz enticing your Guests to want-to-be-there.

Event Planning
Casino party invitations for a charity or fundraising events. Personalized James Bond video invitation.

We use celebrity impersonators to create a unique guest experience.

Invitations for dinner party, fundraising, birthday party, corporate and office parties.
Event Planning

Be Different!

If you want your event to be over-the-top, then invite your guests in a way that differs from everyone else.

Event Planning
Invitations Produced Exclusively for You!

Your guests will be able to say, “They made a James Bond movie about me!”

Let’s discuss a theme you have in mind. Tom Cruise fan? How about Top Gun’s Maverick for just about any event or Ricky Bobby from the Talladega Nights movie for a NASCAR or sports theme Party. Every Invitation uses a unique script produced exclusively for each individual guest. 

Event Planning Ideas

When your invited guest opens their invitation, they will feel over-the-top important that they attend.

For Event Planers
leather invitation video book

Gigeo® video invitations get immediately opened.

creative party invitation ideas
Private dinner party invitation ideas for charity event.

Once the book is opened, a personalized video invitation automatically starts playing.

Premium Invitations


The inside pocket can hold a traditional printed invitation as well as a pre-stamped RSVP envelope or other creatives. You can be sure to maintain high levels of interaction throughout your live or virtual event by inserting tickets into the pocket for event giveaways and incentives.

RSVP post cards - personalized invitation ideas

Gigeo® video invitations will get those RSVPs.

creative personalized video invitations

Gigeo® video invitations engage your guests while giving them an unforgettable keepsake from the event, making remembering to RSVP so much easier.

Premium Invitations

These one-of-a-kind video invitations will become a treasured keepsake for years to come.

Luxury Invitations

Now more than ever, your event needs creativity to shine, and as the event planner, you can help influence the event’s chances of success long before it starts by engaging your audience with Gigeo® video invitations.


Start Now!


We handwrite each name and address for a good reason; it makes a difference in how your guest feels about going to the event. Delivered in an intriguing black box is a boldly stitched leather-bound book that radiates “important” before it’s even picked up. Once the book is opened, a personalized video invitation automatically starts playing. We use premium card stock on the inside of the video book that is soft and silky smooth to the touch. The built-in four-gig hard drive allows users to upload and store videos and photos from the event creating an instant memory book for your guests.


We use high-end components for every part of the invitation book. The five-by-eight-inch video book includes an embedded seven-inch, high-definition  video display with two 8R/1W built-in speakers. Our video books are loaded with high capacity rechargeable long-lasting Li batteries. The video book arrives pre-charged and can be recharged with a standard micro-USB charger.


Then get colorful! What child doesn’t enjoy a party? If you are planning an event that involves very young children, keep in mind that the adult and child in the house will be watching the video invitation together. Imagine the look on their faces when Cinderella or Willy Wonka starts talking directly to them.

pesonalized video invitations