Surprise Birthday Party Invitations

Surprise Party Birthday Invitations

How about we get right to the point. When it comes to Surprise Party invitations, professionals and non-professionals alike can take advantage of common invitations. These can include standard and premium paper invitations, luxury and die-cut paper, online ecards, cookie-cutter video invitations and invitation templates for coordinating the celebration. The same approach relates to company and social events along with charitable functions, fundraising events, unique milestones and other special occasions. As a creative event planner shouldn’t you be thinking outside the box? It’s time to be different!


Creative Surprise Party Invitations

Why are creative Surprise Party invitations so important? Because engaging your guest list with your important upcoming event is a must! It’s true that guest engagement is the driving force behind you having a successful event, large or small. However, creativity is what will make it stand out.

There’s just one final piece to this puzzle that makes all the difference in the world. Personalization! If you have ever received a hand-written invitation, the first impression you had was no doubt a sincere feeling of how much you mean to whoever is inviting you. When done correctly, personalized invitations create a buzz and a memorable experience, and, for business, personalized invitations make connections that positively impact any event.

So, how can you up your creativity game and ensure you deliver something unique and original? Think Inside-The-Box — the Gigeo® personalized invitation box!

It’s time to be creative, different and personalize your Surprise Party invitations.

surprise party invites
gigeo surprise party invitations

It’s time to be creative, different and personalize your surprise party invitations.

Be Different!

Need a creative surprise birthday party invitations? Watch this personalized invitation by Clint Eastwood (impersonator).

surprise party invitations

We use celebrity impersonators to create a memorable guest experience even before the event begins. 

Gigeo® personalized video invitations are special and unique. They increase guest engagement, get their attention, puts a smile on their face, and makes them feel special, important, and motivated to attend your special event.

surprise party invitation
surprise birthday party invitations

See our impersonators and video invitations here.

Premium invitations for event planners.

Sending our personalized video invitations is the easiest way to get more guests to your event.

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Start Now!

Surprise Party Invitations Wording Ideas


Here are some invitation wording samples and templates to help get you started in the right direction.

Note: (The templates below are not video invitation scripts that Gigeo® uses with our celebrity impersonators.)

Updated wording ideas for Surprise Party invitations are on the way! In the meantime, listed below are invitation formats and general invitation examples.

Birthdays are a special annual event, so let’s make this one memorable. Don’t tell them, but it’s going to be a surprise!

There’s nothing better than surprising a friend who thought everyone had forgotten their birthday! Join us to celebrate.

Let’s make ___ birthday unforgettable! Please join us on ___ at ___.E

Everyone loves surprises no matter their age. So as ___ turns 50, help us surprise him by throwing a party for him on ___.

Surprises are exciting! Join us at ___’s 21st birthday on __ at __.

Make this a memorable day for ___ and join him for his 16th birthday. But don’t forget, it’s going to be a surprise!

Parties are best celebrated surrounded by friends and family. So join us on ___ at ___.

As his dearest friend, you are invited to help surprise ___ by throwing him a party on ___ at ___.

Spread the love by surprising ___ for his birthday! It would be great for you to attend.
Next week, we are organizing an exciting surprise for ___ birthday! Get ready to see your dearest friend burst with happiness.

We want this party to be a little different, so we are hosting a surprise for ___, and you are invited to attend!

You won’t want to miss out on this wonderful moment of surprising your dearest friend! Celebrate his birthday with him, but don’t ruin the surprise!

I am organizing a surprise party, and you and your family are welcome to attend – just don’t spoil the fun of the surprise!

Show your love for ___ by helping us to surprise him on __ at __.

There’s nothing better than shocking your friend with an amazing surprise. He will love it, you should see for yourself!

This will be the party of the year. Please do the honor of attending to show your love and support on ___.

We have both known ___ for years, and we know he loves surprises. This is why I am planning a surprise party for him! Please attend on ___ at ___.

Boo! Imagine his face when we surprise him! You’ll have to be there on ___ at ___.

Please help us plan a surprise birthday party for our dearest friend ___. We must make it as special as possible.

Who doesn’t love a party? Especially a surprise one! So attend this surprise birthday party to celebrate ___ 50th birthday.

Wish ___ a very happy birthday by attending his surprise birthday party held on ___ at ___.

Let’s lots of planning to do for this surprise birthday party, and so we must know who is attending! Let us know asap!

My friend needs some excitement in his life, which is why I am planning a surprise party for him! Please attend at __ on ___.

This will be his most memorable party yet! We cannot wait to surprise him and hope you can be there to witness it.

Turning 50 can be a bore, so let’s spice things up by holding a surprise party for our dearest friend!

He might be old, but not old enough to forget how to party! Get your dancing shoes on for this surprise birthday party!

He’s hit the halfway mark, so it’s time to surprise ___ with the most unforgettable birthday party!

It would mean so much to ___ if you can attend his 50th birthday party on ___ at ___.

Let’s make this a birthday worth remembering! Watch us surprise our dearest friend on ___ at ___.

It’s time to party like we’re young! Celebrate with us and help keep the party young!


How To Write A Surprise Party Invitation?

Are you planning a 30th birthday, Sweet Sixteen birthday party, Christmas party, corporate event or maybe a bridal shower? Whatever your reason for planning a party or event, you’ll need to identify all of the important details. Once you are past the initial planning stages, all that’s left is finishing the event planning and sending out the invitations.

Sending party and event invitations is the best way to communicate to your guest what the event is about or what it is that you are celebrating.


Guidelines for Writing Surprise Party Invitations

The following guidelines are the basic questions you need to answer in your Surprise Party invitation. This information can be outlined as the who, what, when, where, and why of the event or party.

Use the wording and design of your Surprise Party invitation to tell your guests why you are throwing the party. For example, if it’s for a birthday party, make sure to include who it’s for and age they are celebrating.

Provide the name of the host for the event or party.

Tell the recipients what the party is all about and what to expect. This can include the description of your theme, activities, and any requests of the guests.

State the date and time of your party or event. Always include the day of the week as well. For instance, Friday October 13th 9PM to Midnight

Be clear on the location. Give the physical address and if off-site, also include the name of the business and phone number for directions.


How to Write A Surprise Party Party Invitation – 9 Steps

1. Announce you are having a Surprise Party party.
2. Mention for who or what you are having the party or special event for.
3. Personalize your invitations and say it won’t be the same without them.
4. Add detail about the party so that guests know when it is, and what to expect.
5. Let them know what to wear. i.e. cocktail dress, black-tie, business, casual, themed.
6. Include the venue name and address and other pertinent information.
7. Mention that food and drinks will be provided.
8. Request that everyone RSVP by specific date.
9. Tell them how to RSVP. i.e. phone, email, text message or snail mail.

Three important areas to consider for your event planning.

1. Event and Party Planning Objectives and Goals
The very first step when planning your event is to establish a measurable objective and goal.

Are you aiming to have an attendance of 35, 300 or 700 people? Are you raising money with a financial target for a charity? Are you generating leads at a medical conference? Are you having a restaurant grand opening?

Example Goals and Objectives:

+ Increased Community Participation
+ Selling Party Supplies
+ Renting Venue Space
+ Selling Insurance
+ Improving Customer Satisfaction
+ Participation Objectives
+ Promoting Education
+ Stronger Social Media Presence

2. Budgeting for Your Event Ideas

+ Small Venues – Restaurant, Sports Bar, Hotel, Ball Room, Winery, Clubs, Art Gallery, Auction House
+ Large Venues – Arenas, College, Trade Show, Parks, Street Fairs, Museum
+ Venue Logistics – Valet Parking, Insurance, Accessibility, Contracts, Permits
+ Invitations – Digital(online), Direct Mail, Priority Mail, Gigeo® Video Invitations, Paper
+ Food – Donut Boards, Appetizers, Wine Bar, Sit-downs Dinner, Food Trucks
+ Drinks – Wine Tasting, Cocktails, Libations, Bartenders, Soft Drinks, Self-Serve Bars
+ Live Entertainment – Ventriloquist, Celebrity Impersonators, Photo Booth, Silent Auction, Concert, DJ
+ Virtual Entertainment – Digital Auctions, Virtual Escape Room, Mini Masterclasses, Virtual Tours
+ Gifts / Giveaways – Headphones, Touch Screen Gloves, Premium Swag Bags, Beach Towels, Bluetooth Speakers
+ Décor – Flowers, Chairs, Balloons, Posters, Lighting, Backdrops, Fabrics, Theme, Props, Tables
+ Staffing – Security, Hosts, Outsourced Labor, Employees, Volunteers, Emcee
+ Marketing – Video Invitations, Social Media, Conventional Advertising, Influencer Shout-outs
+ Audio Visual – Lights, Still Cameras, Projectors, Big Screens, Video Cameras, Speakers, Microphones
+ The Unknowns – Even the best-planned event will have some additional expenses so don’t get caught off-guard!

3. Publicity, Marketing and Promotion

+ Social Media – Instagram, Facebook, Snap Chat, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter
+ Press and Media – Write-ups, Sponsors, Radio, News
+ Influencers – Announcements, Blogs, Newsletters, Event Calendars
+ Printed – Brochures, Signage, Billboards, Flyers, Postcards