Pirate Party Invitations

Pirate Party Invitations

How about we get to the point. With regards to Pirate Party invitations, professionals and non-professionals alike can use common invitations. These can include standard and premium paper invitations, luxury and die-cut paper, digital ecards, one fits all video invitations and invitation templates for coordinating the celebration. A similar approach is applicable to company and social events along with conferences, charitable functions, unique milestones and other special events. As an innovative event planner shouldn’t you be thinking outside the box? It’s time to be different!

Creative Pirate Party Invitations

Why are creative Pirate Party invitations so important? Because engaging your guest list with your important upcoming event is a must! It’s true that guest engagement is the driving force behind you having a successful event, large or small. However, creativity is what will make it stand out.

There’s just one final piece to this puzzle that makes all the difference in the world. Personalization! If you have ever received a hand-written invitation, the first impression you had was no doubt a sincere feeling of how much you mean to whoever is inviting you. When done correctly, personalized invitations create a buzz and a memorable experience, and, for business, personalized invitations make connections that positively impact any event.

So, how can you up your creativity game and ensure you deliver something unique and original? Think Inside-The-Box — the Gigeo® personalized invitation box!

It’s time to be creative, different and personalize your Pirate Party invitations.

pirate party invitations box
gigeo pirate party invitations

It’s time to be creative, different and personalize your pirate birthday party invitations.

Be Different!

Need creative pirate birthday party invitations ideas? Watch this personalized invitation by Clint Eastwood (impersonator).

personalized pirate party invitations

We use celebrity impersonators to create a memorable guest experience even before the event begins. 

Gigeo® personalized video invitations are special and unique. They increase guest engagement, get their attention, puts a smile on their face, and makes them feel special, important, and motivated to attend your special event.

creative pirate party invitations
pirate party invitations

See our impersonators and video invitations here.

Premium invitations for event planners.

Sending our personalized video invitations is the easiest way to get more guests to your event.

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Start Now!

Pirate Birthday Party Invitations Wording Ideas

Here are some invitation wording samples and templates to help get you headed in the right direction.

Note: (The templates below are not video invitation scripts that Gigeo® uses with our celebrity impersonators.)

Updated wording ideas for Pirate Party invitations are on the way! In the meantime, listed below are invitation formats and general invitation examples.


Pirate Party – Boy

+ My little pirate is all set to turn 5, and what better way to celebrate than a fun pirate party? We would be pleased if you could join us on Saturday, July 4, at 2:30PM to 4:30PM. Be ready for lots of food, drinks and a whole lot of fun for all! Please RSVP by [Date].

+ My young boy turns 6 and you are invited to come celebrate an exciting pirate-themed birthday party. So, wear a cool pirate costume and join us on Saturday, May 26, at 1PM to 3PM. Be ready for lots of food, drinks and a whole bunch of fun for everyone! Please RSVP by [Date].

+ We are so excited to be hosting a memorable pirate party! So grab a pirate costume and get ready to be a star at our party. The party is scheduled to take place on Sunday, August 8, at 2:30PM to 4:30PM. Share the moment with us!

+ I would love to make my little one’s dream come true and host a memorable pirate party as he is all set to turn 7! Your presence will help this party become a success on Sunday, June 23, at 1:30PM to 3:30PM. We’ll have all kinds of food, drinks and fun ready for you.

+ It’s a Pirate Party! Please join us for our son’s 7th birthday party, pirate style. Dress for the occasion in any pirate garb that suits you! We will be walking the plank on Sunday, July 3, at 3PM to 4:30PM. Please RSVP by [Date].

Willy Wonka Party – Boy or Girl

+ There is nothing as enjoyable as a entertaining-filled Wonka birthday party we are having for my little boy’s 5th birthday. It’s happening on Saturday, June 13, at 3PM to 4:30PM.

+ We are having a Wonka chocolate factory birthday for my young boy as he turns 8. Please join us on Sunday, May 8, at 1:30PM to 3:30PM.

+ You have Wonka’s Golden Ticket to our Wonka birthday party we are having for [Name]’s 8thE birthday. The chocolate factory party is on Sunday, June 24, at 1PM to 3PM. We’ll have all kinds of food, drinks and fun ready for you. Please RSVP

+ We are having a Wonka chocolate factory birthday for my lil guy as he turns 6. Please join us for the party on Saturday, May 30, at 3PM to 4:30PM.

+ Join us for a Willy Wonka birthday party celebration for my boy as he turns 7. The chocolate factory birthday is on Saturday, August 11, at 1:30PM to 3:30PM. There will be a lot of great food and drinks and fun and games ready.

X-Men Birthday Party – Boy

+ We live to make our kids happy and this is why we are hosting an X-Men party to celebrate [Name]’s 7th birthday. Your presence will make the party really great! The event will be on Saturday, August 18, at 1PM to 3PM. We’ll have all kinds of food, drinks and fun ready for you. Hope to see you there!

+ My little X-man will turn 6, so we are all set to host a fun X-men-themed birthday party on Sunday, August 23, at 2PM to 4PM. We’ll have all kinds of food, drinks and fun ready for you. Share the moment with us!

+ It’s an X-men party for my boy’s 7th birthday. Join us on Sunday, August 2, at 2PM to 4PM. There will be a lot of great food and drinks and fun and games ready. Please RSVP by [Date].

+ For our little guy’s 8th birthday, he wanted an X-men party so that is what’s happening on Sunday, August 15, at 1:30PM to 3:30PM. There will be great food for kids and plenty of fun and games to go around. Please RSVP

+ Calling all the X-men to come and help celebrate [Name]’s 6th birthday. It’s an X-men theme so come as you are or as your favorite X-man on Sunday, June 21, at 1:30PM to 3:30PM. We’ll have all kinds of food, drinks and fun ready for you. Please RSVP by [Date].


How To Write A Pirate Party Invitation?

Are you planning a birthday party, Quinceanera party, movie themed event, conference or maybe a masquerade party? Whatever your reason for organizing a party or event, you’ll need to identify all of the important details. Once you are past the initial planning stages, all that’s left is finishing the event planning and sending out the invitations.

Sending party and event invitations is the best way to communicate to your guest what the event is about or what it is that you are celebrating.


Guidelines for Writing Pirate Party Invitations

The following guidelines are the basic questions you need to answer in your Pirate Party invitation. This information can be summarized as the who, what, when, where, and why of the party or event.

Use the wording and design of your Pirate Party invitation to tell your guests why you are throwing the party. For example, if it’s for a birthday party, make sure to include who it’s for and age they are celebrating.

Provide the name of the host for the event or party.

Tell the recipients what the event is all about and what to expect. This may include the description of your theme, activities, and any requests of the guests.

State the date and time of your party or event. Always include the day of the week as well. For instance, Tuesday May 9th from 7PM to 9PM.

Be clear on the location. Give the physical address and if off-site, also include the name of the business and phone number for directions.


How to Write A Pirate Party Invitation – 9 Steps

1. Announce you are having a Pirate party.
2. Mention for who or what you are having the party or special event for.
3. Personalize your invitations and say it won’t be the same without them.
4. Add detail about the party so that guests know when it is, and what to expect.
5. Let them know what to wear. i.e. cocktail dress, black-tie, business, casual, themed.
6. Include the venue name and address and other pertinent information.
7. Mention that food and drinks will be provided.
8. Request that everyone RSVP by specific date.
9. Tell them how to RSVP. i.e. phone, email, text message or snail mail.

Three important areas to be mindful of for your event planning.

1. Party and Event Planning Objectives and Goals
The very first step when planning your event is to establish a tangible goal and objective.

Are you aiming to have an attendance of 75, 400 or 700 people? Are you fundraising with a financial target for a worthy cause? Are you generating leads at a pharmaceutical conference? Are you having a restaurant grand opening?

Example Goals and Objectives:

+ Introducing New Local Businesses
+ Selling Party Supplies
+ Renting Venue Space
+ Selling Real Estate
+ Improving Customer Satisfaction
+ Marketing Objectives
+ Economic Investment
+ Stronger Social Media Presence

2. Budgeting for Your Event Ideas

+ Small Venues – Restaurant, Sports Bar, Hotel, Ball Room, Winery, Clubs, Art Gallery, Auction House
+ Large Venues – Arenas, University, Trade Show, Mansion, Beaches, Conservatory
+ Venue Logistics – Permits, Insurance, Accessibility, Valet Parking, Contracts
+ Invitations – Digital(online), Snail-Mail, Priority Mail, Gigeo® Luxury Invitations, Postcards
+ Food – Multi-Course Dinner, Pig Roast, Donut Boards, Food Trucks, Taco Bars, Appetizers, Pig Roast
+ Drinks – Soft Drinks, Self-Serve Bars, Wine Tasting, Cocktails, Libations, Bartenders
+ Live Entertainment – DJ, Concert, Silent Auction, Photo Booth, Ventriloquist, Celebrity Lookalikes
+ Virtual Entertainment – Digital Auctions, Virtual Escape Room, Mini Masterclasses, Virtual Tours
+ Gifts / Giveaways – Headphones, Touch Screen Gloves, Luxury Swag Bags, Beach Towels, Bluetooth Speakers
+ Décor – Flowers, Chairs, Balloons, Posters, Lighting, Backdrops, Fabrics, Theme, Props, Tables
+ Staffing – Employees, Volunteers, Outsourced Labor, Emcee, Hosts, Security
+ Marketing – Social Media, Influencer Shout-outs, Conventional Advertising, Video Invitations
+ Audio Visual – Video Cameras, Speakers, Microphones, Projectors, Big Screens, Lights, Still Cameras
+ The Unknowns – Even the best-planned event will have some additional expenses so don’t get caught off-guard!

3. Publicity, Marketing and Promotion

+ Social Media – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snap Chat, YouTube
+ Press and Media – News, Radio, Sponsors, Write-ups
+ Influencers – Announcements, Blogs, Newsletters, Event Calendars
+ Printed – Signage, Postcards, Brochures, Flyers