Promotional Ideas for Events

Promotional Ideas for Events

Are you an event planner in charge of the event promotional ideas for events that are being put on by a company, business, or office? Or maybe it’s a charity fundraiser. Is that right? Yes, we have a lot of great event ideas listed below, but whether it’s a product launch, team building event, or a holiday party, the bottom line is this. The more you can get your attendees and invited guests engaged, involved and talking about the event, the better! The objective is to put on an event that gives everyone unique experiences while achieving the main goals of your event. All the event decisions need to be lined up to support that objective. After you get your ideas together, start thinking about how to blend those ideas into your event.

Creative Promotional Ideas for Events

When it comes to coming up with creative promotional ideas for events, there is one problem you are likely to face. The feeling of “seen it, done it” alive and well in the minds of your guests the moment they are invited to the event. The truth is, they are likely right. But you can really change that perception by doing something different and innovative from very the start. You can make them feel good when they think about the upcoming event. You can make them feel excited and eager to attend. You can make them feel important! And the sooner, the better!

So how do you do that? You do something that no one else is doing. You do it with the most overlooked, untapped and underutilized opportunity available to you. The invitations! It’s true; the way you invite your guests and VIPs can make all the difference. So, be different!


creative event ideas
creative invitations ideas for corporate conference event party

It’s time to be creative, different and personalize your event invitations.

How It Works

Need creative event ideas? Watch how we invite your guests and attendees with our celebrity impersonators.

creative corporate event entertainment ideas

We use celebrity impersonators to create a memorable guest experience even before the event begins. 

Gigeo® personalized video invitations are special and unique. They increase guest engagement, get their attention, puts a smile on their face, and makes them feel special, important, and motivated to attend your special event.

creative corporate event ideas
event ideas

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Unique Promotional Ideas for Events

Listed below you will see a large variety of creative, inspiring, innovative and out of the ordinary event ideas to help get your event planning going in the right direction.

Featured Speaker Videos
Let your speakers send a short video [in landscape mode] taken from a smartphone, telling the audience why they need to attend their session and what is covered. Therefore, potential attendees can quickly assess whether it is worthwhile to participate in the event. Remember, speakers have an incredible impact on guests.

Snapchat Lenses
Make lenses in advance or find sponsors. When you look through the lens, you can animate multiple elements or props, altering the participant’s reality. This allows attendees to interact through Snapchat and share on social media for promotion.

Personalized Video Invitation Books
Be different and get people talking about the event long before it starts by sending each guest a Gigeo® personalized invitation video presented by A-list celebrity impersonators. These premium invitations are one of a kind gifts and keepsakes.

Sustainable Giveaways
If appropriately used, gifts can be an effective marketing tool to increase customer engagement and brand awareness. However, gifts are often used regardless of their environmental impact. If your organization wants to increase environmental awareness, consider choosing sustainable gifts. Promotional companies now offer items made of sustainable materials [for example, tote bags made of recycled plastic or bamboo pens] or encourage attendees to save waste [for example, reusable straws, carafe, etc.].

The Swag Bag
Swag bags disappear fast at corporate events because attendees love them. People gravitate to any type of swag bag. The more creative you are with your swag bag, the better. You can create amazing swag bags and if done right, the contents will be used and talked about for years.

Experiential Art Installation
Experiential art installations are an interesting and novel way to increase brand awareness and interact with the public. Although an experienced artwork installation can be expensive, it can also generate a lot of buzz around your brand.

Game Your Team
Treasure hunts are a great way to gamify your meetings or events through your event app. This is a very simple concept: you provide a code for the team, and participants can redeem points as they go on the hunt whilst engaging in conversation with the main executives. Gamification for your executive team has a worthwhile advantage: it provides a simple and informal icebreaker for those attendees who may not want to get in touch with your leadership.

Branded Cell Phone Chargers
Conference centers are notorious for poor signal and quickly draining your battery life. Providing a charging station at your booth will attract many more people who will be able to interact with your product or organization a lot more. If a charging station is impractical, you can consider providing a branded mobile phone charger. This can be a powerful branding tool because attendees will check your logo every time they charge their phones.

Suppliers and Local Government Event Promotion
Although we know how paid speakers and performers can be valuable in promoting events [especially on social media], we often forget the vendors that have signed up to participate. You also bring your business and income to the event destination. Use your supplier network, for example, to help promote your activities by creating specific posts and messages that can be used on social channels.

Host Pre-Event Meetups
Before the event starts, you should hold monthly gatherings to cultivate your local community to create interest in the event’s theme will continue to increase. If you want the core community to act as ambassadors after your events, you need to invest in them. You could sponsor some small events with similar participant profiles. By attracting the actual audience who will attend the event, you can gain incredible value.

Step Public Relations and Press Coverage
Do you have a press strategy for the event? The local news station is always paying attention to the day’s activities. You really need to make sure to contact the local media to the best of your ability. Ensuring as much free coverage as possible is crucial. Mentioning it once at an exit may mean that the number of tickets sold is disproportionate. Don’t just send a press release; send a story for them to cover. It could be about one of your performers, for example.

Strategic Influencer Marketing
18% of event planners said that influencer marketing is the most effective strategy for selling tickets. Identify the influencers in your niche that tend to collaborate with events. We are not talking about general influencers who are popular on a given social network. We are only talking about people who participated in similar events. Invite them to speak, provide VIP treatment, pay for accommodation and expenses. Expect them to blog, tweet, post, and video to introduce your activities in return. Remember to let them disclose your partnership.

Security Lane Signage
Within a limited time, change the color of your website to encompass the theme or atmosphere of the event. You can add a landing page that can directly provide detailed information about frequently asked questions, as well as information required by attendees. You can also include page pop-ups for frequently used posts or pages to highlight new events to let people know. The important thing to remember is to align with your brand, but make it popular and stand out so that users realize that it is new and worthy of excitement.

Step up your social media game
Usually, a few months before the event, social media will be going crazy about the event. It will not rest until at least a month after the event. Now, you will lose the influence of algorithms on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Although it was possible to remain influential in the past, this is no longer the case. According to a recent announcement, Facebook announced that you will be forgotten if you don’t keep your social strategy up to date.

Use content marketing strategically
If you want to rank higher on Google and convert attendees who may search for events, you need to enhance your SEO strategy. Read this comprehensive event marketing guide, which contains hundreds of event marketing strategies to keep you up-to-date.

Behind-the-Scenes Build-up Videos
Publish videos about exclusive clips behind the scenes during the day to cause a buzz. Audiences like to “see behind the scenes”, so giving them a glimpse of your event, will boost engagement.

Pre-event Q&A for Attendees
You need to communicate as much information to potential attendees as possible. Setting up a ‘question time’ for attendees not only allows you to inform people of logistics but also promote your line-up and key features of the event.

Radio marketing should not be underestimated. For local events, local radio stations can target your potential audience and increase visibility. Although the national radio station is expensive, its coverage is broader. Motorists will often use well-known stations, so ensuring that your radio advert is in place during peak hours will allow many more people to hear about your event. Therefore, if you have a budget, it is worth a try. In addition, invite radio stations to broadcast your event for exclusive access and interesting promotions!

Giveaways build hype to any event, especially if there is a valuable prize. In order to enter, participants should be asked to share details about the event to get more people involved.

Industry experts, celebrities and influencers would all be valuable promoters, but they often charge a considerable fee. Use technology to attract shares and get commissions from each ticket sale. There are tools available to generate a QR code to direct people to your event page.




The objectives and goals of most corporate events will differ substantially from one event to the other. This makes the consequent planning, production and execution of your event very different from other types of events. Because of this, it can be quite challenging to square the corporate goals and objectives for the event at hand. Additionally, there is always a demand to come up with new innovative and creative event ideas and guest experiences. And it really makes no difference whether the event is for live, in-person attendance or a virtual event.

+ Entertain Executives And Managers
+ Making A Team Bond
+ Create Press Coverage
+ Stimulate Social Media Coverage
+ Support Above The Line Marketing Activities
+ Making The Boss Happy
+ Changing Customers’ Perceptions
+ Motivate Sales Personnel

+ Conferences
+ Awards Ceremonies
+ Employee Training
+ Trade Shows
+ Sales Meetings
+ User Events
+ Seminars
+ Meetings
+ Board Retreats
+ Focus Groups
+ Corporate Hospitality
+ Dinners
+ Product Launches
+ Leadership Retreats
+ Client Entertaining
+ Team Building

+ Services
+ Location
+ Sustainability
+ Catering
+ Staff
+ Tech Facilities
+ Infrastructure
+ Capacity
+ Accessibility
+ Climate
+ Timing

+ Sales Meetings
+ Milestones
+ Celebrations
+ Focus Groups
+ Client Entertaining
+ Board Retreats
+ Corporate Hospitality
+ Corporate Parties
+ Product Launches
+ Employee Training
+ Leadership Retreats
+ Dinners
+ Conferences
+ Holiday
+ Business Anniversary
+ Seminars
+ Awards Ceremonies
+ Meetings
+ Team Building
+ User Events
+ Trade Shows

+ Wine Blending
+ VR Game Experiences
+ VIP Shuttle
+ Selfie Props
+ Photo Booth
+ Performance Companies
+ Neon Light-Up Furniture
+ Matching Step and Repeat
+ Inflatable Games
+ Indoor Fields
+ Hover Ball Archery
+ Digital Walls
+ Digital Forest
+ Climbing Wall
+ Casino Tables
+ Bowling
+ 360-degree Photo Booth

+ Giant Chess
+ Ball Pit
+ Change Teams Each Time
+ Big Scalextric
+ Inflatable Obstacle Courses
+ Segmented Escape Rooms
+ Ice Breakers
+ Networking Lounge
+ Peekaboo Step & Repeat
+ Casino Tables
+ Escape Rooms

+ Circular LED Screen
+ Gesture Control Presentations
+ Headshot Lounge
+ 360-degree Photography
+ Photo Booth GIF Maker
+ Virtual Reality Headsets
+ Wearable Feedback Technology
+ iPad Food Ordering
+ Digital Graffiti Wall
+ 360-degree Video

+ Smart Badges
+ VR Demos
+ Corporate Stands
+ Slide Decks
+ Beacons
+ Cut Out Backdrops
+ Demo Stations

+ Limited Pop-Ups
+ Branded Swag
+ Activation Pillars
+ Charging Stations
+ Branded Segways
+ Dessert Signage
+ Roaming Competitions
+ Unique Staff Uniforms
+ Branded Balloons
+ External Stair Wraps
+ Branded Furniture
+ Tethered Hot Air Balloons

+ Sustainability Concepts
+ Balloon Ceiling
+ Indoor Tailgate
+ Aerial Hoops
+ Branded Balloons
+ Focal Pieces
+ Props
+ Fabric Tunnels
+ Unusual Venues
+ Picture Profile Runway
+ Standing Desks
+ Cut Out Backdrops
+ Project Mapping
+ Unique Dance Floors

+ Sand Artists
+ Synchronized Swimmers
+ Walking Robots
+ Dance Groups
+ Ipad Magicians
+ Corporate Percussion Groups
+ Roaming Entertainment
+ Video Mapping
+ Talking Robots
+ Laser Shows
+ LED Shows

+ Professional Coaching Day
+ Accommodation Paid
+ Gigeo Video Invitations
+ Overnight Stay
+ Community Focus
+ Gourmet Hampers
+ Corporate Subscriptions

+ Vintage Drink Bus
+ Sponsored Cocktails
+ Smoothie Jars
+ Servers
+ Private Chef
+ Niche Snacks
+ Mixologists
+ Interactive Gourmet
+ Ice Luge
+ Food Infusion
+ Drink Stations
+ Donut Wall
+ Dinner Boxes
+ Canape Spoons
+ Canape Junk Food
+ Bespoke Mini Boards

+ Trash Can Nachos
+ Charcoal Lemonade
+ Share Boards
+ Portable Shrimp and Grits
+ Rainbow Chocolate-Covered Strawberries
+ Sushi Rainbow
+ Floral Ice Bucket
+ Shaved Ice
+ Bacon Bar
+ Fruit and Veggie Animals
+ Tacos and Mini Margaritas
+ Donut Wall
+ Booze-Free Cocktail Bar
+ Champagne Jelly Cubes
+ Cactus Macaroons
+ Savory Lollipops
+ Personal Pineapple
+ Stir-fried Ice Cream Parlor
+ Pretzel Station
+ Strawberry Roses
+ Caramel Garnish
+ Mini Pails of Food
+ Willy Wonka-sized Chocolate Fountain
+ Creme Brulee Shooters

+ Virtual Cooking Class
+ Virtual Dinner Party
+ Virtual Poker Tournament
+ Virtual Concerts
+ Virtual Escape Room
+ Virtual Trivia Nights
+ Virtual Benefits Fair
+ Virtual Improv
+ Virtual Murder Mystery
+ Virtual Charades
+ Virtual Murder Mystery Dinner
+ Virtual In-It To Win-It
+ Virtual Jam Sessions
+ Virtual Trade Show
+ Virtual Bingo
+ Virtual Fitness Session
+ Virtual Scavenger Hunt
+ Virtual Job Fair
+ Virtual Career Fair
+ Virtual Education Fair
+ Virtual Conference
+ Virtual Casino Night
+ Virtual Yoga Classes
+ Virtual Coffee Breaks
+ Virtual Guess Who
+ Virtual Onboarding Fair
+ Virtual Wine Tasting Kits
+ Virtual Crime Scene Investigation
+ Virtual Open Day
+ Virtual Product Launch
+ Virtual Exhibition Fair