Company Event Ideas

Company Event Ideas

Are you an event planner responsible for the company event ideas for conference, product launch or an office event? Or maybe it’s a private affair. Do we have that right? Listen, we have plenty of excellent event ideas listed below, but whether it’s a trade show, board retreat event, or a holiday party, the main point is this. The more you can get your attendees and invited guests involved, engaged and talking about the event, the better! The objective is to put on an event that gives every person remarkable experiences while achieving the main goals of your event. All your event decisions should be lined up to support the achievement of that objective. Once you get your ideas listed, begin thinking about how to cohesively integrate those ideas into your event.

Creative Company Event Ideas

When it comes to creative company event ideas, there is just one problem you may face. The feeling of “been there, done that” alive and well in the minds of your guests the moment they are invited to the event. The truth is, they are likely right. But you can really change that perception by doing something different and innovative from very the start. You can make them feel good when they think about the upcoming event. You can make them feel excited and eager to attend. You can make them feel important! And the sooner, the better!

So how do you do that? You do something that no one else is doing. You do it with the most overlooked, untapped and underutilized opportunity available to you. The invitations! It’s true; the way you invite your guests and VIPs can make all the difference. So, be different!

Sending Gigeo® personalized video invitations is the easiest way to engage your invited guests and VIPs while creating a buzz long before your event begins.


creative event ideas
creative invitations ideas for corporate conference event party

It’s time to be creative, different and personalize your event invitations.

How It Works

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creative corporate event entertainment ideas

We use celebrity impersonators to create a memorable guest experience even before the event begins. 

Gigeo® personalized video invitations are special and unique. They increase guest engagement, get their attention, puts a smile on their face, and makes them feel special, important, and motivated to attend your special event.

creative corporate event ideas
event ideas

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Experiential Company Event Ideas

Are you in charge of the company event ideas, golf tournament ideas or coming up with the entertainment ideas for a business event? The objectives and goals of most corporate events will differ substantially for every event. This makes the planning, production and execution of your company event very different from another type of event. Because of this, it can be quite challenging to square the corporate objectives and goals for the event you are planning. Additionally, there is the added pressure for new creative and innovative guest experiences and event ideas. And it really makes no difference whether the event is for live, in-person attendees or a virtual event.

Below you will see a large variety of inspiring, innovative, creative, and out of the ordinary event ideas to help get your event planning going in the right direction.

Corporate Flash Mob
Traditional flash mobs always surprise VIP guests. For example, the Charleston flash mob was a hit and was totally unforgettable.

Hashtag Mosaics
Hashtag Mosaics enables guests to participate in your event more deeply by interacting with social media and contributing to the creation of event murals. It works as follows: Participants take photos at your event and then use your event tags to post the photos to Twitter or Instagram. Then print out the photos as a sticker, and the participants place them on a larger mural. Participants experience the excitement and satisfaction of shaping their artworks.

Zorb football is another adrenaline-filled idea that can make use of open space and provide an incredible experience. It can be a fun alternative to team building, which involves playing football with a large zorb ball attached to you!

Escape Room
Escape rooms are becoming more and more popular. It is a problem-solving idea that puts the team under pressure. This is a good practice for the work world while seeing who can handle it and who can’t!

Food Tours
Take a day out of the office to eat delicious food and experience your city’s culture and history on a food tour. During the food tour, participants meet at a predetermined location, then set out to explore the city, stopping to taste food along the way. The food tour allows your participants to enter the community, interact with each other, and create lasting memories.


Roundtable Discussion
A great way to get rid of titles at company events to help generate ideas and brainstorm ideas. The roundtable meeting allows everyone to speak freely, which makes innovation more possible and strengthens the team.

This is particularly interesting at a company retreat. Participants have to work with people with different job roles or departments (the more different, the better.) Then, they spend half a day performing tasks in each other’s work to understand how they work, it’s like walking a mile in their shoes.

Chocolate Making
An exciting alternative to cooking classes is a sweet treat that many people cannot refuse. It allows chocolate decoration and custom packages, such as visiting a chocolate factory (and tasting chocolate). For those who love sweets, this will be a no brainer.

This sports trend is becoming an excellent choice for events, providing healthy activities that benefit everyone and create a sense of satisfaction. Make it harder by turning it into an obstacle course or mud run. To turn it into a fundraiser, get people to sponsor other’s completion of the run.

Live Stream
Speakers can set up a live stream at the event for people who were unable to attend the event, enabling everyone – live or virtual – to benefit from the keynote.

Guess the Baby
A fun way to break the ice between management levels is guessing whose baby photo is whose. Everyone brings in a baby photo, and others have to match it to the participants!

Ax Throwing
The axe is no longer just for lumberjacks. Now, you can enjoy delicious snacks and drinks-think about playing a game of darts but use an axe instead. Private axe throwing events may include a private range and private guidance, etc.

360 Staging
Allow more participants and an attractive seating layout for a more engaging conversation. It feels more intimate, and if you choose the right speakers, it will be more memorable. In addition, it is a good idea to promote discussion and free-thinking.

Friendly betting on sporting events or results can increase competition and get everyone talking and interacting during participation. You can bet on the result of anything, from when the baby is due to the weather on a certain day, the winner will keep half of the final pot.

Outing to a Local Sporting Event
Suppose you live in a city with a local sports team. In this case, going to watch a game is always a popular choice. Participants can relax, enjoy beer and snacks, and bond over their home team. Sports events are also a surprisingly flexible option, allowing you to choose the package that best suits your budget. For example, you can do everything from renting a box to providing catering services.

Orienteering is a fun team-building activity. It can also promote problem solving and creativity, which is exactly what your work team needs.

Dress the Boss
Dress the boss is a fun idea to get your team to meet their sales targets. When the target is met, the boss has to wear a chosen outfit for the day. If he refuses, he has to pay the employees!

Table Tea
Serving food and drinks at the table means that everyone can focus on their conversations and discussions. The idea that guests can pour their own tea and cut snacks adds a certain degree of informality and makes the group more comfortable.

Provide a mysterious atmosphere by holding grand corporate events or awards dinners with the theme of fancy dress. It helps make everyone feel comfortable at night and ignore roles or titles.

Modern Conference Venues
Find a trendy and modern venue to spruce up your event and get everyone wearing black-tie attire.


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+ Making The Boss Happy
+ Making A Team Bond
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+ Hover Ball Archery
+ Bowling
+ Digital Forest
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+ Climbing Wall
+ Wine Blending
+ VR Game Experiences
+ Inflatable Games
+ Neon Light-Up Furniture
+ 360-degree Photo Booth
+ Photo Booth
+ Digital Walls
+ VIP Shuttle
+ Matching Step and Repeat
+ Indoor Fields
+ Casino Tables

+ Peekaboo Step & Repeat
+ Inflatable Obstacle Courses
+ Casino Tables
+ Big Scalextric
+ Ball Pit
+ Segmented Escape Rooms
+ Giant Chess
+ Ice Breakers
+ Change Teams Each Time
+ Networking Lounge
+ Escape Rooms

+ Gesture Control Presentations
+ Wearable Feedback Technology
+ Headshot Lounge
+ 360-degree Video
+ Digital Graffiti Wall
+ iPad Food Ordering
+ Photo Booth GIF Maker
+ 360-degree Photography
+ Circular LED Screen
+ Virtual Reality Headsets

+ Demo Stations
+ Smart Badges
+ Beacons
+ Corporate Stands
+ Cut Out Backdrops
+ VR Demos
+ Slide Decks

+ Activation Pillars
+ Branded Balloons
+ Branded Furniture
+ Branded Segways
+ Branded Swag
+ Charging Stations
+ Dessert Signage
+ External Stair Wraps
+ Limited Pop-Ups
+ Roaming Competitions
+ Tethered Hot Air Balloons
+ Unique Staff Uniforms

+ Props
+ Picture Profile Runway
+ Branded Balloons
+ Balloon Ceiling
+ Indoor Tailgate
+ Unusual Venues
+ Sustainability Concepts
+ Focal Pieces
+ Standing Desks
+ Aerial Hoops
+ Project Mapping
+ Unique Dance Floors
+ Fabric Tunnels
+ Cut Out Backdrops

+ Walking Robots
+ Video Mapping
+ Talking Robots
+ Synchronized Swimmers
+ Sand Artists
+ Roaming Entertainment
+ LED Shows
+ Laser Shows
+ Ipad Magicians
+ Dance Groups
+ Corporate Percussion Groups

+ Accommodation Paid
+ Community Focus
+ Corporate Subscriptions
+ Gigeo Video Invitations
+ Gourmet Hampers
+ Overnight Stay
+ Professional Coaching Day

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+ Donut Wall
+ Smoothie Jars
+ Canape Spoons
+ Niche Snacks
+ Food Infusion
+ Vintage Drink Bus
+ Servers
+ Ice Luge
+ Private Chef
+ Interactive Gourmet
+ Mixologists
+ Dinner Boxes
+ Drink Stations
+ Sponsored Cocktails

+ Tacos and Mini Margaritas
+ Charcoal Lemonade
+ Mini Pails of Food
+ Floral Ice Bucket
+ Bacon Bar
+ Share Boards
+ Willy Wonka-sized Chocolate Fountain
+ Savory Lollipops
+ Caramel Garnish
+ Trash Can Nachos
+ Strawberry Roses
+ Fruit and Veggie Animals
+ Shaved Ice
+ Donut Wall
+ Rainbow Chocolate-Covered Strawberries
+ Pretzel Station
+ Booze-Free Cocktail Bar
+ Creme Brulee Shooters
+ Stir-fried Ice Cream Parlor
+ Personal Pineapple
+ Cactus Macaroons
+ Champagne Jelly Cubes
+ Sushi Rainbow
+ Portable Shrimp and Grits

+ Virtual In-It To Win-It
+ Virtual Charades
+ Virtual Bingo
+ Virtual Open Day
+ Virtual Escape Room
+ Virtual Yoga Classes
+ Virtual Fitness Session
+ Virtual Guess Who
+ Virtual Murder Mystery
+ Virtual Trivia Nights
+ Virtual Dinner Party
+ Virtual Conference
+ Virtual Exhibition Fair
+ Virtual Career Fair
+ Virtual Coffee Breaks
+ Virtual Jam Sessions
+ Virtual Job Fair
+ Virtual Trade Show
+ Virtual Concerts
+ Virtual Scavenger Hunt
+ Virtual Casino Night
+ Virtual Wine Tasting Kits
+ Virtual Improv
+ Virtual Poker Tournament
+ Virtual Product Launch
+ Virtual Onboarding Fair
+ Virtual Benefits Fair
+ Virtual Cooking Class
+ Virtual Education Fair
+ Virtual Murder Mystery Dinner
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